Bringing Partners in Care Concierge to Your Community


For organizations interested in bringing Partners in Care Concierge to your community, contact us to schedule a free phone consultation. We would be happy to share with you how we have designed PiCC to enhance patients’ adherence to medical instructions, add efficiency to systems, save costs, and help enhance your patient satisfaction levels. We are dedicated to helping answer your patients’ health needs.


This program is an exciting addition to any agency that provides services to older adults. Adding Partners in Care Concierge to your existing menu of services will give your agency a unique and high-profile opportunity to engage skilled partners, as well as to meet the needs of the older adult population in your area. Through an initial phone consultation, we will be able to understand your organization’s processes and challenges – enabling us to avoid adding additional burdens to your management and medical staff as we introduce a PiCC program together.  


The PiCC training program is a completely original, comprehensive curriculum developed by JFS staff. A Replication Kit has also been developed, and is available for other organizations to purchase so that they can start running PiCC in their community. This kit contains three main components:

  1. A Trainer’s Manual, containing:
  • A trainer’s manual to be used when organizing and leading training sessions including a syllabus and talking points
  • Advice for communication and presenting materials in an efficient, productive way
  • Tips on how to integrate PiCC into the organization and the community
  • Process documents that provide customers with useful and efficient methods and tips for running the program
  1. A Trainee’s Manual, containing:
  • A guide to the one-day training program
  • Critical information about communication and exposure to challenges their clients face
  • Activities that help the volunteer ‘experience’ the appointment from the patient’s perspective
  • Take-away lessons and information that volunteers can refer to as questions arise
  • Forms to be used during appointments (and examples of properly filled out forms)
  1. Legal Forms:
  • Liability waivers to be signed by volunteers, clients and drivers to protect all parties
  • Non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality agreements


Call us to receive a free preview of the Replication Kit!

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