Taking the pain out
of doctor’s Visits

Partners in Care Concierge (PiCC) pairs you with a trained, skilled, volunteer partner and door-through-door transportation for support before, during, and after medical appointments


Someone in need of support should always have access to it. If you are an older adult who feels overwhelmed facing your medical appointments alone, we encourage you to take advantage of the JFS Partners in Care Concierge program. Our skilled, trained partners will meet with you before your appointment (to prepare), and accompany you to your appointment (to support).

for Clients.


For caregivers and adult children who look after their parents, their participation in this program means improved quality of live. PiCC can ease the responsibility of caregiving by preventing burnout and relieving the stress of missing work. PiCC provides you with support as it decreases the amount of time caregivers must take off work to attend their parents’ medical appointments.

for Caregivers.


Volunteering for Partners in Care Concierge means you will support
older adults and their caregivers by facilitating communication during medical appointments. Though this position is especially appropriate for those with backgrounds in nursing, social work and/or allied health, we are happy to consider any volunteer who is interested in becoming a partner.

for Volunteers.


For organizations interested in bringing Partners in Care Concierge to your community, contact us to schedule a free phone consultation. We would be happy to share with you how we have designed PiCC to enhance patients’ adherence to medical instructions, add efficiency to systems, save costs, and help enhance your patient satisfaction levels. We are dedicated to helping answer your patients’ health needs.

for Communities.

Powered by 26 years of caregiving expertise, the goal of PICC is to improve the quality of life for older adults and their caregivers in Washtenaw County by adding convenience and support via medical appointment accompaniment.

Partners in Care Concierge volunteers assist older adults in preparing for medical appointments, as well as improve communication between the older adult and their physician during the appointment.

As a social enterprise of a venerable social service non-profit, clients who can afford to pay for services subsidize the cost of those who cannot.

Participants in this program need not have their own transportation; JFS’ Transportation Services have joined forces with Partners in Care Concierge to ensure that both volunteer and client are safely transported to the appointment, and home again.

Our skilled, pre-screened, trained Partner will:

Meet with the client prior to appointments to review their concerns, medications and medical history

Assist our clients from inside their home into of our wheelchair-equipped State of Michigan approved vehicles

Accompany our clients to medical appointments and procedures

Facilitate clear communication between our client and their physician, making sure concerns are expressed and understood by both parties

Review the physician’s instructions with our clients, making sure to note follow-up appointments and any required medications

Provide a complete written record of what transpired at the appointment for our clients to keep and share with their caregiver and loved ones

Help scheduling follow-up appointments or purchase required medications

Assist our clients from doctor's office into one of our wheelchair equipped State of Michigan approved vehicles

Accompany our client back home and ensure their safe return inside their home

Follow up and provides notes summarizing the appointment

Provide continued emotional support and companionship

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