In Need of Support?

Someone in need of support should always have access to it. If you are an older adult who feels overwhelmed facing your medical appointments alone, we encourage you to take advantage of the JFS Partners in Care Concierge program. Our skilled, trained partners will meet with you before your appointment (to prepare), and accompany you to your appointment (to support).

Want to Volunteer?

If you’re looking for a unique and rewarding volunteer activity, possess good listening and communication skills and are comfortable communicating with health care professionals, the Partners in Care Concierge (PiCC) program is for you!

Start a Program

FS of Washtenaw County wants to help you bring this program to your own community. In order to enable other nonprofit agencies around the country serve their older adult population better, we have developed a dynamic, engaging training kit that has transformed Partners in Care Concierge into a program that is ready for immediate use in your community.

Welcome to Partners in Care Concierge!

Medical appointments can be confusing and scary, especially if you go alone. That’s why Jewish Family Services of Washtenaw County (JFS) has developed the Partners in Care Concierge (PiCC) program. PiCC is a medical appointment accompaniment program that provides help and support for older adults in the complicated world of health care, before, during and after their appointments.

PiCC is an innovative program that provides support for older adults and their family members via medical appointment accompaniment. PiCC enables older adults to better access health care, while at the same time enhancing efficiency of health care for older adults. PiCC ‘Partners’ facilitate the preparation for, and communication during, medical appointments as well as provide accurate information about the medical visit to family caregivers in the form of a written report of what transpired, and details of any follow-up requirements.

If you are a volunteer seeking engaging and rewarding work, an agency looking to replicate this program, or a potential client in need of services, PiCC may be the answer for you.

We’d love to hear from you!

Sign Up for Care

If you’d like to find out more information on Partners in Care Concierge services, please contact us by calling (734) 769-0209 or by emailing You can also view our web page on services.

Volunteer for PiCC

This unique service offering is made possible thanks to the committed individuals in our community who volunteer their time. To join the Partners in Care Concierge team, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at

Bring PiCC To Your Community

Many agencies around the country have worked with us to set up their own version of Partners in Care Concierge. For more information, see our page on Bringing Partners in Care Concierge to Your Community.