Interested in Partners in Care Concierge Services?

For individual clients, we would be honored to serve you! JFS’ pre-screened, trained partners will help you prepare for medical appointments by meeting prior to the appointment to review any questions or concerns you may have for the medical staff you will meet. Together, you and your partner will create a list of questions as well as review any relevant medications. The goal for this meeting is for the you to feel comfortable with your partner, and for the partner to feel prepared to provide adequate support during your upcoming appointment.

PiCC can help Clients…

  • Meet with you prior to appointments to review your concerns, medications and medical history
  • Accompany you to medical appointments or selective procedures
  • Facilitate communication between you and the physician, making sure your concerns are expressed and that you understand the information the physician shares with you
  • Review the physician’s instructions with you, make sure you know to schedule any follow-up appointments or purchase any required medications
  • Ensure you understand your treatment plan
  • Provide a complete written record of what transpired at the appointment for you to keep and share with your caregiver, family or friends
  • Provide continued emotional support and companionship



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The Result?

Participants in PiCC are more compliant with their health care; and both patients and medical professionals benefit from more productive interactions. Family members and other caregivers enjoy relief and reassurance, knowing that JFS is looking after their loved ones and is providing the support services that have been relied upon by clients for 20 years. 


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