Transitional Care Reduces Readmissions in NC

In 2008, North Carolina began a state wide initiative to prevent readmissions in high risk medicaid clients through transitional care. Results from this initiatve were released in a tudy which found that readmissions in the same year were reduced by 20% for patients. The study highlights the effectiveness of a targeted transional care program. To read the study, click...

Florida Reduces Hospital Readmissions

A report by the Florida Hospital Association stated that readmissions dropped 15% over two years. A group of over 200 hospitals joined together with a goal of improving service and saving money. This resulted in atleast 25 million dollars in savings. To read more, click...

Transitional Care Helps Patients

Transitional care has been found to help improve patient's outcomes following a hospital visit. A new study by Health Affairs found that patients who recieved this care were 20% less likely to be readmitted into the hospital for the same condition within the following year. This study shows the effects that transitional care can have not only on 30 day readmission rates, but readmissions up...

Social Work Care Reduces Readmission Rates

Binghamton University's College of Community and Public Affairs and SUNY Upstate Medical University reported results from a two year study that included 100 at risk patients. The study provided additional care from social workers who follwed up with patients to ensure medication compliance as well as other assessments. This program reduced reasmission rates by 8%. To read more, click...

New Study Reveals Preference for ER Care

A study by Health Affairs found that low-income patients prefer care from emergency rooms in hospitals over a primary care doctor. This practice is more costly for hospitals and could be less beneficial for patients. Patients reported that the ER was an easier, one-stop healthcare location. This is compared to primary care offices where patients feel the referral process is difficult. To...

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